How to Remove Voice from a Song using Audacity

We all like to sing. Some of us do in front of large crowd while some in bathroom 😛

But what if you are able to record own song using your Computer?

It will be awesome right?

OK guys today I will show you how to make a song to a Karaoke tone by which you will be able to record a song using your own voice.

Though removing the whole voice perfectly is not possible but still we can use that tone.

Well lets start the process.

removing vocals using audacity

Steps to Remove Vocals from a Song

1. First download a little software Audacity.

What is Audacity?

It is a free and simple software which is very easy to use. This is a multi-track audio editor and audio recorder which supports almost all platforms.

Key Features:

  • Edit Audio
  • Vocal Remover
  • Record Audio
  • Multiple Effects
  • Copy, Cut, Mix Sounds
  • Speed change of the audio voice

The best use of Audacity is removing vocals from a song. You can say a mp3 to karaoke converter 😉

There are some other great features though which you can use.

2. After downloading Audacity install it on your computer and open it.

vocal remover online

3. Now download a desired Mp3 file which you want to use as Karaoke Music.

4. Now open Audacity and Click on File > Open. Now select your song file. It will load to Audacity.

5. After loading the song click on Effect > Vocal Remover (Use Drop-down Menu).

karaoke maker

6. It will open a new option. Just keep all settings default and click OK button.audacity

7. Now it will do some trick and after that the voice from the song will be removed.

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8. Now save the file by going to File > Export.

You are done now 😀

Points to be Noticed:

  • Not every song’s voice can be removed perfectly.
  • If you are getting problem using Default option in Vocal Remover then try selecting Remove frequency band or Retain frequency band and changing the Frequency Band.

download audacity

So now you have successfully learnt how to remove voice from a song. After removing the voice you can now use your own voice with the Karaoke Music in the background. In my future post I will show you the steps to record your own voice using Audacity 🙂


Though I am not a good singer still I have successfully recorded some good songs of with my voice using this little utility.

Getting any problem during the process?

Just drop a comment in the comment section. I am always there to help 🙂

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