5 Reasons Why InFocus Turbo 5 is a Worthy Budget Smartphone


InFocus has garnered a huge traction in the market by launching a budget-friendly 4G Mobile with a battery of 5000mAh. This is one strong strike by a company that has batted for a perfect blend of utility and affordability with Turbo 5 smartphone. For those looking for a phone that works longer, there is nothing better than this device.

The smartphone is available for sale on Amazon since July 4.

Monstrous Battery: Enough crying out for those battery woes, Turbo 5 promises a long stay with 5000mAh battery. Now, that’s a beast figure! Consumers, with non-technical bent of mind, rarely look at the Android specification or the processor type. But, if a phone doesn’t last long, that’s not to say that it’s terribly off-putting for them. But, Turbo 5 settles the scores for the fast-draining phones, once and for all, by launching a device that’s long-running and budget-friendly as well.

Comfortable Display: A phone, that’s nothing about a great display, isn’t ideal for use. Why to spend a penny on a device that doesn’t offer a great viewing angle? Well, Turbo 5, as a contrary, is up for keeps, as it boasts a 5.2-inch Display, which offers a pleasant, stress-free view to the eyes. The display size is also great for single hand use.

Exquisite Exteriors: Generally, low-budget smartphones lack aesthetic value, and are introduced in only black and grey body covers. For someone, who loves to flirt with colors, the black and grey hues are absolutely no-no. Turbo 5 is launched with Mocha Gold exteriors, which are an enough proof that its makers, in the process, haven’t sidelined the value of looks and attractiveness. It looks beautiful when you clutch it.

Powerful Yet Lightweight: With MediaTek ARM9 processor, clocked at 1.25GHz speed and Android 7.0 Nougat, Turbo 5 is a nifty product, worth every investment. It comes with a promise of doing tasks at faster speeds and better completion ratio. And, yet not burdening your hands with any extra ounces of weight. It’s light with a metal body, and features which are nothing less than brilliant.

Fingerprint Sensor: We often don’t see Fingerprint Smartphones in the budget segment. The fingerprint sensor is a must have feature these days for all smartphones so not having that is a big disadvantage. InFocus Turbo 5 comes with a Fingerprint sensor which can unlock your device in less than 1sec. For a budget phone, this is more than enough.

InFocus has entered into a licensing deal with Foxconn, a renowned handset maker, and pledged an investment of $10 mn dollars to gain a firm footing in Indian markets.


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