How to Run Android Apps on Windows, Mac using Google Chrome


When Microsoft is trying to globalize Windows apps by giving support to Mobiles, Pcs, Xbox just then Google is experimenting with it’s new project App Runtime for Chrome to run Android Apps and Games in PCs. The project is still in beta version.

If you are a developer or hardcore Android Lover then this new feature will help you lot. You can now install your favourite Android Apps in you PC.

Most of the Android developer use Android Virtual Device (AVD) to test apps but that need so much RAM and sometimes very laggy. So it will be a very easy solution for Developers to test their apps right into their PC.

Well lets see how App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) works.

install android apps and games using google chrome

How to Run Android Apps in PC Using Google Chrome

Step 1: Go to ARC page and then download the ARC Chrome App.

Step 2: Now after the installation open the App from Chrome App Launcher.

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Step 3: Now launch the ARC app from Chrome App Launcher. There you will be notified to select the directory where the apk files will be installed.

Step 4: Select the Folder and then it will show to choose Apk File. Click on “Add Your Apk” and it will open directories. Now select the desired Apk file and install it.


Step 5: You can also choose the screen orientation like landscape or portrait. More than that you can choose the device style like Tablet, Mobile or Maximized.

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Select your desired option and Launch App. Thats all. You are now ready to go.

We have tested Instagram and Facebook Messenger using this emulator. Instagram is crashing most of the times. Facebook Messenger is working good though but showing “Waiting for network” all the time. It’s still in Beta version. So they will fix all the bugs with time 🙂

install android apps using google chromeinstall android games using google chrome


  •  You can install and use only one Android App at onetime.
  • The ARC beta App supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

There are some good Android emulators like Bluestacks, Andy but this tool is really handy and I am sure that after the stable release, it will be a very useful tool. 🙂

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    • Hi John,
      Yes it has. Bluestacks is a heavy software and it needs 4GB of HDD space and minimum if 2GB Ram while the ARC Google Chrome tool is really handy and can use apps without having much problem. Its still in Beta version. Surely they will fix bugs soon 🙂

      Soumyakanti Ray

  1. Well a very nice article. I just came to know about this and tried several apps and games. Some of them crashed but still I am enjoying. Any way to run those apps and games smoothly?

    • Hey Selina,
      For now its in Beta version. in upcoming version it will be more stable and thus you will be able to run apps smoothly 🙂

      Soumyakanti Ray

    • Hi, Arsalan,
      I have tested but unable to connect to network. You can try though from you computer. Let me know you experience.

      Soumyakanti Ray


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