What is Rooting and Top Benefits of Rooting


We have heard a lot about “Rooting” an Android device since the Android Development started extremely. Some heard from internet, some heard from their friends while some still to hear about this. So for those people who don’t know clearly about Rooting or want to know more details about this, I am here today to explain them the full info and features of “Rooting” an Android Phone.

What is Rooting?

The word “Rooting” came from Linux and it is similar to IOS jailbreaking. Rooting is a process to modify an android phone and gain special features. You can control a rooted phone in your own way. A rooted Android can ovecome those limitations which the phone manufacturer haven’t included.

Benefits of Rooting Android Device:

advntages of rooting android phone

1. Get full-access on your Android Device:

After Rooting your Android you can get full control on it. You will have access to delete System Apps, change System Settings, change Themes, Freeze Apps etc. You can use Titanium Backup ★ root to use some extra features like this.

2. Install Custom Roms:

Nowadays Custom Roms are a great way to customize and boost the performance of Android device. By installing Custom Roms you can do almost every change with Android. You can use ROM Manager for this. This app need Root Access to run. So first Root your Andriod. You can download Custom Roms by searching your device name in Google.

3. Install Extra Apps:

There are lots of apps avaliable in Google Play Store which need Root Access to run. After Rooting your droid you can use those apps. You can use SuperSU app to quickly access those apps.

4. Backup and Restore the System:

Most rooted devices can backup the whole system. You can restore that anytime. Use ROM Manager to backup whole system. You can even backup the image in your Harddrive and flash it anytime. Suppose if anything goes wrong with your device you can easily get back to your stable device by flashing your backup Rom.

5.Better Battery and Performance:

On rooted deviceyou can use this premium app SetCPU for Root Users to easily get the most from your Android. You can easily boost prerformance and get the best battery life by doing some easy settings in this app.

6. Block Annoying Ads:

If you want to block annoying ads showing by any app or consuming your mobile data you can easily block then by Rooting your Android. You can use Adblock Plus to block ads in you Android.

7. Flash Custom Kernel:

There are some heavy android users and developers who want to boost their mobile performance and battery life by Flashing Custom Kernel. To use Custom Kernels you need a rooted device.

So as you can see Rooted phones do have lots of plus points. But always be careful before Rooting an Android device as it can void your manufacturer warranty. Personally I always like to use a rooted device to use special apps. So what is your thought about Rooting an Android phone? Let me know. If you like my post help me sharing it on social networks.


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