Top 5 Best Android Launchers of 2014


Are you bored with your Stock Android Launcher?

Or, maybe you want to do some heavy customization with your Android to make it more beautiful..!!

No Problem!!

Here I will provide you some best Android Launchers avaliable in Google Playstore.

Best Android Launchers of 2014

best android launcher app

Android is best when it comes to customization part and this make a huge difference from other OS. With custom Launchers you can change the entire look of your Device. There are lots of Launcher apps out there for Android from that I have made top effective 5 Android Launchers list. Lets start with Nova Launcher.

1.Nova Launcher

best android home launcherNova Launcher is probably the best Custom Launcher for Android in my opinion. It is packed with lots of customization features. It is very nicely built, very responsive and doesn’t eat your mobile Ram too much. Its a perfect Classic Launcher. There is a premium version too of this launcher. You can buy Nova Launcher Prime for $4 to get some extra features. There are lots of paid and free themes avaliable in Google Play Store for this launcher. Nova Launcher supports Android 4.0 and higher devices.

2.GO Launcher EX

best launcher for androidGo Launcher Ex is one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play Store. This is an awesome launcher with loads of customization options like widgets, flipping and transition effects. 10,000+ themes are avaliable for this launcher which make this launcher too beautiful. If you want some extra features like ‘no advertising’, ‘security lock’, ‘more transition effects’ you can download GO Launcher Prime which costs $5.99. Go Launcher Ex supports Android 2.2 and higer devices.

3.Buzz Launcher

the best android launcherBuzz Launcher is a ad free highly cutomizable custom launcher. This launcher has 400,000+ free themes avaliable in Playstore. Just download, apply and it will entirely change the look of your Android. This launcher does support widgets and gestures. Download the launcher, apply homesreens and it will change your entire look of Android. This launcher supports Android 4.0.3 and higher devices.

4.Next Launcher 3D Shell

best android 3d launcher

Next Launcher 3D Shell is one of the best 3D launcher for Android. This launcher includes Stunning 3D home screen Transition Effects, 3D widgets, various gestures etc. There are so many 3D themes, widgets avaliable for this launcher which make this launcher best in every way. This launcher costs $16.99 which is bit expensive. But if you are not able to buy this you can try Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite, the trial version of this launcher.

5.TSF Shell 3D Launcher

best launchers for androidTSF Shell 3D Launcher is also a great 3D launcher like Next Launcher 3D Shell providing top quality Transition Effects, exclusive widgets, such as Message, Clock, Weather, Memo, Music, Gallery etc. This launcher supports upto 10 homescreens and unlimited dock bar. This launcher costs around $11.90 and in my opinion its a good buy.

So this was my top 5 list of Custom Android Launchers. Now its upto you which you like most. I mainly use Nova Launcher and its themes. If I missed any major launcher in this list let me know I will include that in my future post. Don’t forget to share your launcher experience through comments. If you like my article help me sharing this on social networks.


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