Top 5 LAN Messengers for Windows


Suppose you are in office or school and you want to connect with your friends for instant messaging, group chat, or sending files at high speed. Then?

Here I will share with you some best LAN Messenger softwares available for windows pc which can do your job easily. In daily life LAN Messenger is a very useful soft specially for office use.

What is LAN?

A Local Area Network is a computer network which can connect computers within a limited area. Most LAN service are being used at School, Office, Home. LAN networks can be used without any internet connection. You can play games, send files with this service. But you should have a wired LAN connection.

What is LAN Messenger?

LAN Messenger is software which gives you ability to send instant message or files at high speed using LAN (Local Area Network) without any internet connection. You can send files at amazing speed, can chat with friends even conference with your office employees.

There are lots of LAN Messengers available for Windows PC. But here I will share with you some best out of them.

Best LAN Messengers

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1. Softros LAN Messenger:

This is probably the best messenger for Windows out there. It allows you to do instant chatting over LAN connection. Even it doesn’t need any active internet connection. There are some other key features too. The software UI is also user friendly.


  • Security, Safety and Privacy
  • Easy Installation
  • Offline Messaging
  • Group Messaging
  • File Transfer


2. LAN Messenger:

This is a free instant messaging service to communicate without any internet server. This is a user friendly software which can fulfill all your necessary needs.


  • Instant Messaging
  • File Transfer
  • Broadcast Message
  • Message History
  • Personal and Group Messaging


3. Tonic:

Tonic is also a popular free LAN Messaging tool. This requires no server. This is too a very handy and user friendly tool.


  • Image Avatar
  • Requires no Server
  • Instant Messaging
  • Chat history
  • File Transfer Support
  • Group Chat


4. Squiggle:

Squiggle is a free p2p LAN messenger which works without any server like others. Unlike others this one supports Voice Chat which is very useful.


  • Voice Chat
  • Group chat
  • Broadcast chat
  • Private chat
  • Spell Check
  • Buzz
  • Emoticons
  • Audio Alerts


5. CD Messenger:

This is another user friendly instant messaging app which is best for office use. This software is not only available for Windows but also Android, IOS and Mac. CD Messenger is available as 30 day trial use but if you want to use more then you have to buy it $40 Per User Per Year.


  • File Transfer
  • Offline Message Delivery
  • Live Spell Checker
  • Email Sticky Notes
  • Group Messaging
  • To-do List


So this is my top list of instant LAN Messenger programs. In my daily life I specially use “Lan Messenger” software which is my first choice in my toplist. It is very easy to use and free. I even get transfer speed upto 10mbps. Try and tell me which you like most. If you like my post do share it with your friends 🙂


  1. hi

    i don’t know , could you help me or not about “lan messaging” but i hope …

    i work for a factory as an ICT expert,we use tonic for our lan messaging but know we decide to change it by another lan messengers software.we need the best one without any trouble and stop in running, for about 70 users, and it should be so reliable that we will be sure any one we want to send im , for sure receive our message.


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