How to block Flash Ads in Mozilla Firefox?


Are you fade up by annoying flash ads showing in your Mozilla Firefox?

.. it’s same for all.

BUT we have the control over those annoying ads. Now you can easily block them for not to distract you.

Here is a very easy solution which will make your browsing better and will remove all annoying flash ads. Now let’s see the process:

Blocking Ads in Mozilla Firefox

Block Flash Ads
There are many great addons available for Mozilla users that enhance the users’ experience. One of those useful addons is Flashblock. Now I will show you how to install and use it in your Mozilla Firefox.


  • Go to Add-ons tab or press Ctrl+Shift+A in Firefox
  • Search in Add-ons Store for Flashblock or download it from here
  • Click on Install and it will be downloaded shortly
  • After that restart your Firefox browser to see the changes

block ads in firefox

Points to be noticed:

  • This app prevents online video and audio streaming like in Youtube and Soundcloud but you can easily play those by clicking the short flash button.
  • Flashblock does not work with Javascript disabled or with NoScript installed.
  • You must have installed Firefox 3.6 or newer
  • Flashblock blocksĀ these 3 types of Flash Ads as of now
    * Macromedia Flash
    * Macromedia Shockwave
    * Macromedia Authorware

So after reading this tutorial I hope you have learnt how to block Flash ads in Mozilla Firefox. If this tutorial helped you then please help me too by sharing the article on your social networks.


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