How to Change Facebook Page Name after 200+ Likes


Facebook is great place to get lots of fans in a very short time. So nowadays most people are using Facebook Fan Pages mainly for Business, Websites and Photography to get large number of viewers. Its a fast growing network where you can showcase your works. Facebook Pages are very easy to create and manage. But the problem comes when you get 200+ likes.

Suppose you make changes of your business or website name and want to change the Facebook Page Name of that topic but you can’t change the Facebook Page name after 200+ likes. So today I am going to reveal a superb trick to change facebook page name after 200 likes limit. I know this will help lots of users. 🙂 So lets start.

Steps to Change Facebook Page Name

easy way to change facebook page name

Before starting remember that Facebook Page name can’t be changed in some countries and India is one of them. But some countries support this so we can use those country’s IP address to change this. Very easy right? Ok lets see how it works.

1. First you need to download a little software SecurityKISS Tunnel.

2. Now Install SecurityKiSS Tunnel in your computer and open it. Click on the Option tab in SecurityKISS Tunnel and then tap on Change Server. It will open a new screen with all the servers they have in this software. Here you can select any of the servers you want but United States is always preferable. Now connect to the server by tapping Connect button. It will take some time and your main server and IP address will be bypassed with that server you have chosen in SecurityKISS Tunnel.

change facebook page name after limit

3. Login to your Facebook Account and then go to that Facebook Page you want to change the name. Now Go to Settings tab on that Page and Click on Page Info and now you can see the Page Name.

rename facebook page name
4. Now Click the Edit button beside the Page Name and it will show Request Change open a new page. If you are from India the page will show a crash report. But the trick is if you are using SecurityKISS Tunnel software it will bypass your ip address with that country IP address you are using. So Facebook will not be able to understand that and will consider you to change the page name.

change facebook page name with more than 200 likes
5. After tapping on Request Change button it will open a new tab with a submission form where you should submit your new details of the page like Page name, Page Category. Fillup the form carefully and Send them a request to change the Page Name. It may take upto 14 days to change the page name.

trick to change facebook page name once

Points to be Noticed:

  • After connecting to SecurityKISS Tunnel restart your browser and then do the process. Preferable Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.
  • You can change the Facebook Page Name only once with this trick so be sure that you really want to change the page name.

So now you have successfully learnt how to change the Facebook Page Name after limit. If you are experiencing any problem or have any doubt feel free to ask in the comment section. If you like this post share this with your friends 🙂


  1. Lub u bro for this exciting trick!!
    U habe finished my worries and now i am full free minded about my page!!
    I will be waiting for your new tricks in future!!
    Once again love u soooo muchhhh!!!


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