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Indian pnr status

For people, travelling experience in the Indian Railways has always been mixed.

Over the years IRCTC or Indian Railways has been the most trusted and well connected transportation corporation of India.

As the e-system is growing day by day, the Indian Railways has also started to provide more information on their trains, journeys etc.

Now a days PNR no. matters all. Just submit your PNR no. and you can get all the information of your ticket.

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. And it is used in CRS( Computer reservation System).

There are many options to check the PNR status:

  1. From the official website.
  2. From the official app
  3. From the thirdparty websites.

Apps can be downloaded from the dedicated marketplace. One can also chek status of his PNR via sms. But websites are the best option to chek.

And here comes the CheckPnrStatus , one of the best PNR status checking website.

Key Featues :

  1. A simple but useful landing page.
  2. No ads.
  3. Doesn’t need to register.
  4. Fast Loading and Responsive
  5. Results can be sent to email as calender invite.

So if you are searching for an alternative of official website to check your PNR status you can use this site.

Indian Railways has always been providing its users or passengers with the best possible options through online booking, PNR status enquiry, emergency booking and travelling facilities. It is only expected to improve in terms of its facilities and services in the future.

Good Luck. Happy journey.


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