How to Download YouTube Videos Online


We know you use YouTube a lot even everyone is using same. But some videos you really like to download for future use and watch it offline.

YouTube has already started offline videos officially but that is for mobile devices only and specially for India due to low speed internet connection. But what about PC then?

Well there are several tricks to download YouTube videos. One of the trick we probably all have used is by using Internet Download Manager. But if you don’t have any premium version of that then!!

Well then follow these tips.

So lets start and know how easily you can download a YouTube video from YouTube to your PC or computers.

download youtube videos

1. Savefrom is a very popular site and one of the best YouTube video downloader. By using a very simple trick you can download YouTube videos directly from this site. Follow the simple steps.

1. Open on your browser and you can see an ”insert link” box. This is the place where you have to put your video link to download.

2. Copy the URL of the video what you want to download from YouTube and paste it on this insert link box. Click next button (>).

3. Now you will see a download box. Beside that you can also choose your video format. Click the download button and the YouTube video will start automatically.

savefrom 1

Another very easy and shortcut process you can use. On the video URL, you just type ‘ss’ and press enter. It will automatically redirect you to

savefrom 2

2. Clipconverter

This is also a very good YouTube video downloader. Follow the steps to download your video from here.

1. Open and paste the video link inside the Media URL box.

2. Now choose your desired video format and tap on Continue button.

3. Then click on Download button at the bottom.

It will take some time for conversion and after that your file will be ready to download.


3. Videograbby

Videograbby is another YouTube downloader which has very simple layout. Follow the steps to download from here.

1. Open and then paste the URL of the video inside the box and click on ‘Go’ button.

2. After that two options will popup ‘Download Video’ and ‘Download Audio’. Tap on video and your video will be downloaded. Sadly there is no options to choose  video formats.


4. Onlineyoutube

This is a very easy and popular website and I like this site very much. By using this, you can also know the video’s summary.

  • Open and paste the video URL inside the box and click on Analyze button
  • It can take some time to analyze. After analyzing you will see the whole details of that video and also conversion options.
  • Now at the bottom you can choose the desired video format and download it.

onlineyoutube 1

onlineyoutube 2

5. Catchvideo

Another very simple site yet very good indeed to download download YouTube videos along with mp3.

  • Open and paste the video URL inside the box and then click on ‘Catch‘ button
  • After loading, you can see all video formats along with a download button.
  • Choose your desired format and download it. You can also download audio files from YouTube using this site.


That’s all folks!

These are the best sites to download videos from YouTube. So what are you waiting for! Download your favorite YouTube videos and watch them offline. You can also download your favorite YouTube music or mp3 files using these sites. If you know any other sites which are working very well suggest us using comment section.


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