How to Embed Facebook Status in WordPress Blogs


If you are a Blogger sometimes you need to embed Facebook Status in WordPress Blog.

If you don’t know how to embed Facebook Status in wordpress blog today I am going to tell you about that.

There are two different ways you can embed Facebook Statuses. Lets see how this works.

Steps to Embed Facebook Statuses

Embed Facebook Status WordPress

First Process

Step 1: Open Facebook Embedded Posts link.

Step 2: Open any status you want to embed. Copy the url of status.

Step 3: Now in Facebook Embedded Posts page you will find an option Code Generator. Paste the status url there. It will show the preview of status. You can edit the width there. If you are okay with the status size then click on “Get Code”.

Embed Facebook Statuses

Step 4: Copy the second code from there. Open WordPress and then in posts section tap to Text or HTML mode and paste the code. Publish the article and it will show the status. That’s all.

Facebook Status embed

Second Process

Step 1: Open WordPress. Go to Plugins > Add New

Step 2: Search for “Facebook” plugin. Install the plugin and activate it.

Step 3: While posting just copy the url of any Facebook Status and paste it. Publish the article and it will show the status.

That’s all.

So now you know how easily we can Embed Facebook Status in WordPress Websites. For me the first process is most useful to embed Facebook Status in any kind of websites. But for those who are working in WordPress, the second step is really handy.

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