How to Extend Battery Life of Laptops


Just think about it. You’re in middle of a meeting or in a classroom, and you find that your laptop is nearly dead. And you still have unfinished stuff to get done. However , Hope is not lost. πŸ™‚

Well, few things canΒ buy more time on that almost-dead battery. So that you can finish your unfinished important work.

Okay, first understand how power is used.

Tips To Increase Battery Life of Laptops

increase battery life on laptop

The Power House:

Most modern laptops are powered by lithium ion batteries or lithium polymer battery.
These two type Smart Battery have largely replaced the older nickel metal-hydride batteries. However battery’s performance gradually decreases over time, may be after one to three years of regular use, depending upon how you charge and discharge the battery.

Power Distribution:

We all know that the parts inside a laptop needs power. But all the hardware doesn’t need same amount of power at the same time. Here is a list of heavy power consuming hardware.

1. Display
2. CPU
3. Ports
4. Radios

So, tuning these hardware we can stretch the battery life.

laptop battery tips

The Process:

Follow these simple steps to extend the battery life easily on your windows or other laptops.


Like smart phones we can adjust the display brightness of our Laptops. Do we need a high-bright screen on a dark place? No we don’t. Keep the brightness level at one or two bar.
How about lowering the resolution?
When we are not watching movies or not playing games we can keep low resolution.
Like when we process word we don’t need a high resolution display. Next time try typing the docs at low resolution. It works. πŸ˜‰


Yes multi-tasking is good when you have full power but stop it at low battery. At low battery finish your important work first. You can listen music later right?
So, close the unused windows. Multitasking means more load which means eating more power.


Our laptops comes with different types of ports, usually with USB ports, VGA ports, HDMI ports, LAN ports etc. Admit it we don’t use all the ports all the time. Disable the unused ports. Honestly speaking this tweak can save few more fuel. If you don’t know how to disable your ports you can simply Google that.


We are living in 21th century and we network in wireless technology. Nowadays Wi-fi is common feature for a notebook. With the help of Bluetooth we can also do pretty much same things. But when we are not connected to the internet we can turn off our radios so that our laptops run longer.

Taking care of your battery.

Taking care of your laptop and the battery can stretch the battery life.

Things to do:

1. Fully charge the battery. After full charge disconnect the adopter. Then use your notebook.
2. Use a cooling pad.
3. Place your laptop over a smooth plane surface. Make sure that your lappy remains cool and not blocking the air.
4. Clean the battery connectors with cotton.
5. Always use supplied original charger.
6. Check battery regularly and if possible replace with a new one after three year of using.
7. Keep your laptop in sleep mode while not using for short period.

Things not to do:

1. Stop using your laptop while charging.
2. Stop using you laptop on bed or over a pillow. This block the air which causes heat and heating leads to more power consuming.
3. Stop switching on and off every now and then. Booting takes more power.

Well, that’s all folks. I hope you have understood how to extend battery life of your laptop/notebook. If you found this post useful then don’t forget to shout at comment box. Happy computing πŸ™‚

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    This is quit useful article over there. I can say many of us, use laptop while charging. Frankly speaking I am one of them. Due to heat, I also changed hard disk of my laptop. Thanks for sharing such useful tips to take care of laptop battery.


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