How to find a good developer for your startup?


The most talked term in the business industry is Startup. Nowadays, many startup companies are being commenced by different groups of people to find out sustainable business models.

Yes, Startup companies are just like the experiments that are done to find out a profitable and sustainable business model. If the experiment gets successful, a startup turns into a full-fledged company.


Running a company requires manpower, and for that you need to hire employees who can work along with you to make your Startup successful.

If you are running an IT startup hiring good developers is one of the toughest tasks. But, technology has solutions for everything, it can make your hiring task very easy.

There is an online tool called Tests4Geeks that avails its services for affordable prices. By using this tool, you can create an online test paper to assess the programming skills of candidates. And once you get their results, you can make a list of best-fit developers for your startup, and then call them only for the actual interview.

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Now, if you look back and think how you hire employees when you don’t use You call some candidates to your office and take interviews by sitting at least 15-20 minutes with every candidate. Now think if half of those candidates are not knowledgeable enough even at a basic level, then you have wasted so much time with them. Right?

Now again look at the hiring style you carry out with You will find that you save your time by not calling all the candidates for an actual interview rather you first evaluate their skills by online test, and then call the deserving ones only.

This way you can save your valuable time, and we all know that Time is the real money.

How Works?

It is very simple to use as you just have to sign up, choose the best plan as per your requirement. Now create a test, and then send the test link to the candidates who have applied for the job. Once they give the test, you will get their results in your email, and now on the basis of the results, you can make decisions whom to call for the interview.

Branding feature


When you create a test, you get a random link that opens independently where there is no logo and no company name mentioned. So offers using your own logo and hosting the test on your own domain to make things more professional. The candidates will be taken to the link that redirects to something like that looks like the test is being hosted on the company domain itself. You may check out the branding page for more information.

Final word

A few things are there that don’t get carried out well when we do manually, so we should use some tools to make things better. is a great tool that helps you hire the best programmers and developers for your IT startup in a time and cost-efficient manner.

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