How to Download from Google Play using PC Internet in Android


I know so many of us want to download from Google Play Store using Computer Internet Connection.

Those who have WiFi connection they can directly download from Play Store.

But those who don’t have?

No Tension..!!

You can download your favorite Apps and Games from Google Play using USB cable.

In my previous article I have showed how to use Computer’s Internet Connection in Android Mobile using USB Cable. If you have missed that article I strongly recommend you to read that first.


  • Your Android Phone must be Rooted. If you don’t know how to Root your Android Phone check here.

Ok Lets start the process …..

how to download google play apps to pc

Steps to Download from Play Store utilizing PC

1. Download Android Reverse Tethering from the XDA Forum.

You can directly download from this link.

2. Connect your Android Phone with your PC using USB Cable.

Extract the files and open AndroidTool.exe file in your Computer.

use internet in android using reverse tethering

3. Now Double Click on AndroidTool.exe file and open it.

download apps in google play using pc

4. Now click on Tools Button inside the software. Click on Install Hack (optional). It will install two softwares in your Android Phone.
You have to do nothing here. After finishing installation a popup will come. Just click OK and you are done with PC for a while.

download google play store app using pc

5. Now open your Android Mobile and in the App Drawer you can find Xposed Installer App. Open that  and then click on framework. Now you can see an option Install/Update. Tap on that and install necessary files required to run Xposed Framework.

download apps from google play


Your Android will reboot now.

Note: Some devices can cause boot-loop while installing the Framework. So Xposed Installer and we are not responsible for this.

6. Now open Xposed Installer again and click on Modules. There you can find an app Hack Connectivity. Tick on that app and reboot your Android again.

Download Google Play Store App

Now you are almost ready.

7.  Open Android Reverse Tethering and Connect your PC internet with Android Mobile using USB Cable.

8. Open Google Play Store and try to download any app. If download not working then open Hack Connectivity app and check the Hack State. Hack State must be “Forced to WiFi” and “Traces activated”.

how to download google play store app

Now try again. If still not working then first connect with any active WiFi connection for a while and then try.

It will surely work.

Here is a sneak peak of downloading a Theme from Google Play.

download google play store apk

Now you can enjoy internet in Android as well as downloading from Google Play Store.

Points to be Noticed:

Xposed Installer supports Android 4.0.3 and Later versions. So Gingerbread users will not be able to use this software.

But there is a modified Xposed Installer for Gingerbread App which will allow users to use this.

So for those who have Gingerbread and lower version Android phones download Xposed for Gingerbread from XDA forum.

Install this in your Android and now continue the process from Step no :1


So you have successfully learnt how to download from Google Play Store using PC Internet connection 😀

Actually I am also using this method to download from Google Play. I don’t have any WiFi Router so using this trick with just a USB Cable.

If you are facing any problem or have any query regarding to the steps feel free to drop a comment on the comment section.



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