HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook : A Tech Blogger’s Funside


HP recently announced a Star Wars branded special edition notebook with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in the corner. Though a lot of Star Wars custom themes are here but more or less the design is similar to that of a HP Pavilion series notebook. This notebook is described as dark side inspired.

A Tech Blogger will always go for specs in any device and this one is no exception. The specs of the notebook include a 15.6 inches 1920×1080 IPS panel, 1 TB hard drive, Intel’s 6th generation Skylake Core i5-6200U along with Intel HD 520 graphics and 6 GB of dual channel mode DDR4 RAM. According to HP, the 5 pound device has an optical drive so that one can watch Star Wars discs and for extra sound system boost there is a Bang & Olufsen speakers. Some of the design specifications are discussed below:

Key Specs which will be more fun for you if you are a Star Wars Fan


Full HD antiglare display

The full HD antiglare display is capable of providing a dazzling view with a wide range of viewing angles.


Red backlit keyboard

With the red backlit keyboard you can even work in your laptop in dimly lit rooms.


Wireless mouse

The laptop runs in a low profile designed wireless mouse. The mouse is sleek, slim and handy!



With Bang & Olufsen watching movies or playing game or listening rock music will not be the same!

The Special edition HP notebook box of course has Star War images inscribed in it. As soon as you open up the box of your notebook you will find another box inside with the picture of Darth Vader himself. The laptop is held in place inside the box by a Sinear TIE Advanced x1 fighter. Further you will find solar panels of Vader’s Twin Ion Engine fighter in the packaging and on the top deck you will find the TK-421, a Storm Trooper. So over all more or less you will find Star Wars Universe baddies every here and there. Along with a good collection of Star Wars baddies images, concept arts, wallpapers and various other assets of Star Wars the background image of X-Wing guidance system just behind trackpad is of worth notice.

Some of the cool specifications are given below:

  • You can replace standard notifications with that of iconic Star Wars sound including R2-D2 and lightsabers.
  • “Concept art” illustrated by artists of Lucasfilm even before the films were made. This includes many storyboards used for film guiding, behind the scenes photographs, models, costume, set designs and many more.
  • From black and white stills to animated, a great collection of Star Wars themed wallpapers.
  • With the introduction of Aurebesh font. act smart as if you are a Coruscant citizen!
  • As a bonus enjoy Marvel Star Wars comics, Star Wars e-books and Star Wars movie trailers.

The best part is that the HP model is competitively priced only at the rate of $699! So are you ready to #AwakenYourForce?


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