Top 10 Indian Female Bloggers


We all are aware about Blogging nowadays.

As blogging is a hobby for some people, but it’s also a profession of many bloggers..

When you are serious about it you will get something from it. That maybe Popularity or Money.

And when you will have both of these you will be called a Pro-Blogger.

But always money doesn’t matter in my opinion.

Some people think that a Blogger is Pro when he is earning huge money. Buts that’s not at all. A Pro-Blogger is made by his readers.

So helping readers should be our main purpose. When I was very new in Blogging I also think that Blogging matters for money only.

Then I met Ankit Kumar Singla, the author of Bloggertipstricks who changed my whole view about Blogging.

Well then what are the qualities of a Pro-Blogger?

A Pro-Blogger has three qualities: discipline, focus, and detail.

So Guys Today I am going to present an info-graphic of our Top Indian Female Bloggers who are rocking in Blogosphere.

best Indian women bloggers infographic

I hope you have enjoyed this Info-graphic.

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  1. Great effort. The female bloggers are very less in India & I would really like to see many more come up! Nice compilation of these 10 bloggers for sure. You could have added Lasya K the adsense queen in it as well. Good day!

  2. Hi Gaurav,
    Great to see you in my blog.
    Thanks for the appreciation.
    Yes bro you are right Lasya K is also one of the best Female Blogger. I will surely add her name in my future info-graphic.
    Soumyakanti Ray

  3. Hello Soumyakanti,

    Very nice post and use of beautiful infographics to express it well really added lot of value in it.Feeling awesome to see this great and inspiration list of indian female blogger.wherever they are today coz of their hard work.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us.
    Have a great day!

    Minakshi Srivastava

  4. Hi Soumyakanti,

    This surely is an infographic that is worth sharing, and I’d surely be doing that on Pinterest as well 🙂

    Thanks so much for the kind mention, along with other bloggers, some who are rather new to me. So, good to have new friends, and I appreciate your effort to especially create an infographic and add our Twitter handles and niches also to it. 🙂

  5. Hi Soumyakanti,

    Love to see myself noticed. Thanks for the mention with all wonderful female bloggers. I am still learner need to grow more to match their level.

    Thanks a ton and keep blogging with full dedication you are doing good.

  6. Glad to be featured in the list, thanks Soumyakanti 🙂

    I’m still learning some essential stuffs to do a better blogging. I’d like to motivate the newbies as well. Thanks for the kind mention, keep blogging 🙂

    • Hi Nirmala Mam,
      Very happy to see you in my blog.
      Yes mam you are very helpful to all newbie bloggers.
      Thank you.
      Soumyakanti Ray

  7. Hi Soumyakanti

    First of all a big bravo to you on compiling such a wonderful and inspirational post to let your blog community know the awesome standing of female bloggers in blogosphere and more particular in blogosphere of Asia.

    I have at least once visited almost all of these wonderful bloggers project while I am regular visitor of a few of them.

    While making a list of top bloggers in any niche or any specific community like female, teens, part-timers we should also look if their blogs are at top level domain to confirm how serious they are with this wonderful profession.

    I can say for sure this is one of the most amazing lists of female bloggers of India I off and on see around. Big congrats for this great work.

  8. Hey Soumyakanti,
    Today morning i read about these wonderful personalities in another blog.
    Now this infographic. Very well produced, thanks for sharing
    Some of them I know well but sad some I do not know, hope I can have a look/visit at their places
    Keep it up
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  9. I think , this list is incomplete without Shalu Sharma ,Shiwangi Peswani and Shazida Khatun .
    Hope coming update will be included these names too . [ Simply search in Google and get all about them]

    • Hi Purbita,
      Thank you for your nice suggestion.
      I will surely do some more research about them and will include in my upcoming list 🙂
      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      Soumyakanti Ray

  10. Hi Soumyakanti Ray,
    Great collection of Indian Female bloggers. You did a nice work & I think you spent lots of time on collecting this data and that created such a nice Info-graphic.

    Well done!

  11. Ooooh, I have read Jane and Harleena’s blogs, but I was not aware of the other girls. I’m going to buy checking them out now. Go girls!

  12. Hey Soumya,
    Great list here, but sad to note that a new blogger can’t reach their place soon, since you have not given their direct link in the post. instead one has to type the url manually and get to reach there, you should have given the direct link if it is not possible in the infographic you can give it in the text page in the intro of your post.
    Have a great time ahead
    Waiting for the next list LOL
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philips of Philipscom

  13. Really inspirational infographic for all of us. As a boy, we think if girls can get success in the internet marketing, why should not us. Also girls can realize that not only thinking is not enough to get success, but you have to get some inspiration to these women and take a step further in your new life.

  14. Hey Sowmyakanti,

    Sorry for chiming in late. This is a wonderful post, not because I’m in it, but because you have selected really good female bloggers from India. I appreciate your effort to have done the research and have brought up a nice collection 🙂


    • Hey Jane mam,
      No problem at all. Great to see you in my blog 🙂
      Thanks for your appreciation.

      Soumyakanti Ray

  15. Hi Soumyakanti,

    Great effort bro, this post having truly all main female blogger which having great reputation into blogging industry, I also follow some given blogs every week and truly whenever I visit these blogs, I found some very good and informative stuff.. but something is missing in their list because you not cover some very popular blogger into this list.. which is truly deserve for this list.. by the way great share..

    Mohd Arif

  16. Hi Soumyakanti,

    Great List.

    I just started blogging and all these female bloggers are inspiration for me. I personally added them in my twitter list.

    Thanks again.

  17. Hey sir, you really do a great post by mentioning these female bloggers. It will help other girls to motivate. And not only girls even Boys.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Very nice post and use of beautiful infographics to express it well really added lot of value in it.Feeling awesome to see this great and inspiration list of indian female blogger.wherever they are today coz of their hard work.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us.
    Have a great day!


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