Some Fantastico Websites to Listen to Indian Movie Songs


As far as Indian movies are concerned, it should have some songs and some dance numbers. Very recently with the craze over mainstream movies some movies are coming without any dance numbers but songs are mandatory. Different types of songs with unique sensational music have been a craze for every generation.

When we say Indian movie songs then we not only mean songs of planet Bollywood only but tribal and regional movie songs as well. Bollywood is blessed with talented lyricists, musicians, playback singers, artists and it is almost impossible to choose evergreen songs.

Indian music enthusiast has not yet closed their preference genre to one or two genres. Most music enthusiasts listen classical, folk, ghazal, sufi, devotional, fusion, remix, pop, rock, i.e. simply all kinds of songs and that also not only in Hindi but aso in Marathi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Urdu, and many others. Unity of diversity is maintained everywhere.

In this article we will discuss some peppy web portals for listening to Indian movie songs. With digitalization, there are innumerable #fantastico music web portals but in this article we will discuss only the best ones which has an easy to use interface for users with easy navigation systems. Most of these websites allows you to create your playlist and save your favorite songs there.

top music portals of india

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Some Fantastico Web Portals to Listen to India Music


As of now is the leading Indian site for music. This site is totally Html 5 based so even if you are using a mobile which does not support flash player then also you can enjoy this site. This site has almost all the Indian music categories you need even with English top songs.


Saavn is the main competitor of in India. From this site you can listen songs online and if you have account you can also manage songs. This site also has for Android, iOS and Windows platform.


You have the option of different Indian language songs such as Bengali, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, etc. You can hear songs online and they have dedicated App for all platforms.


This site has a full catalog of Indian songs which includes Hindi, Bengali as well as English language songs. In this site one can find not only the movie songs but also album songs.

5. iTunes

As the name suggests, this website is an Apple product. iTunes is a very popular platform to listen songs. You can also download iTunes app in Windows and listen to all songs. Apple has inbuilt iTunes app for their products.

6. Hungama

If anything is legal with online song downloads then it must have been Hungama as far as Indian music is concerned. You can order and buy authentic music albums from this site.


This site is a download based site. You can find almost all categories related of Indian Music.

However if none of the above interests you then you might try out some other Indian music web portals such as Music India Online or Djmaza. If you are using 2G net pack then the best option for you is to download music. This will give you some extra power in hand as well because you can enjoy them anytime even without a net connection after downloading. There is no better option than djmaza and for downloading Indian music.

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