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With iPhone X, Apple has left its trademark behind. And that’s when its innovation leaped out at each one of us. After years of building iPhone around the redundant ‘textbook’ design, Apple decided to take a gamble and ditched the ‘Home Button’. It also introduced a number of design overhauls. And, just as we know, the risk paid off and how. iPhone X is perhaps a sort of a smartphone marvel we’re glad we saw. What a time to be alive!

iPhone X Stock Wallpapers

Apple’s way of doing things has got companies worldwide shitting in their pants. With iPhone X, Apple sliced the hot-butter trend – the bezel-less display – measuring a new 5.8-inch, which also featured a Super Retina OLED display and an almost 2K (1125*2436) resolution. If iPhone X is a behemoth, you must credit the very powerful hexa-core A11 Bionic chipset. Apple ripped apart its competition with that little, nasty, powerful chip.

Further, iPhone X has a glass design, which is again a very crucial highlight. Apple has gone from ‘metallic’ to ‘glass’ because it’s finally brought the wireless charging to iPhone X, which a metallic body wouldn’t have supported.

The Face ID is inarguably the most buzzworthy characteristic of iPhone X. It’s a security feature of a whole new dimension. The front camera of your device creates a 3D map of your face and remembers. This means you can’t trick the device by showing up a picture of the owner if you’re trying to sneak in. So, of course, it’s much more adaptive and capable than Android’s face recognition technology.

All in all, iPhone X is the smartphone Apple was long pending to roll out. It packs all the excitement an iPhone buff looks forward to. The device has all the beats and whistles of what the ‘smartphone of the year’ must constitute.

iPhone X Stock Wallpapers Download

Now that you know all about iPhone X, it’s time to see its stock wallpapers we’ve included on the list. A total of 39 wallpapers have been given down in this section for you to choose. You can find download links for a zip file right below each entry on the list.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and enjoy your favorite wallpaper. Right now.

iPhone X Stock Wallpapers

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