Mobile Privacy Data Report of Users Worldwide By LEOMASTER [Infographic]


There are more than 2 billion smartphone users across the globe. Mobile security is an issue that needs to be taken care in the best manner.

There are a number of applications that promise to provide complete protection to your smartphones, but you may find some or the other defect in their functioning. LEO Privacy is an excellent application that works perfectly to offer full-proof shielding. This mobile security app is equipped with useful features that make sure your device is barred from external sources.

LEO Privacy

LEOMASTER, the developers of LEO Privacy app have formulated the mobile privacy data report worldwide. This report has a lot of details which is of supreme importance. Let us see what this report says:

  • Mobile Privacy Leaks: This report covers some of the major reasons of privacy leakage in mobiles. Lost phone, mobile applications, Trojans, cloud storage, free Wi-Fi, phishing attemptsand few more reasons exist which are responsible for mobile privacy breach.
  • Gender Statistics: As per the report, 68 percent males are using LEO Privacy app while 32 percent belong to the female population.
  • Geographical Distribution: The major percentage of LEO Privacy users are in India. Apart from India, Brazil and Indonesia are the other two countries which hold a significant user population. United States stands fourth in this ranking.
  • Age Group Distribution: 76 percent of LEO Privacy app users are aged between 13-24 years. About 1percent users are aged in the category above 54 years.
  • LEO Privacy Utilization: Around 6 percent users utilize the Anti-Theft features. 80 percent of the users of have installed LEO Privacy to hide images, videos, photos, and contacts on their mobile phones.
  • Privacy Evaluation: A privacy evaluation of mobile devices by this app was held which showcased that only four percent of devices were found to be safe. 90 percent of devices were found to be prone to data leakage.
  • Protection Preferences: Usersin India prefer hiding photos while the users in Spain hide videos. Moreover, the users in Thailand are enjoying the service of LEO Privacy to hide contacts.
  • Popular Unlock Options: The pattern lock is the most preferred unlock option as compared to the number lock.
  • Locked Apps: Most people have used the LEO Privacy app to lock private data. Social media apps are also locked with the help of this mobile security app. The basic functions are locked by only a small percentage of users.
  • Apps to Monitor: As per the reports, every smart phone is breached near about 1.25 times a day. Whatsapp, Gallery and Facebook are the top three destinations you need to keep a check on.
  • Unprotected Wi-Fi: It was found that, 9.5 percent of Wi-Fi connections are unsafe. People must be alert as important data can be leaked through unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

The below infographic is created by LEOMASTER which is the maker of LEO Privacy app. The main purpose of this report is to spot the dangers to your mobile devices and its data. These points can prove useful to find ways in order to shield your mobile phone from data leakage threats.



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