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Smartphones are the basic need of human life in this fast growing generation. Almost each and every person owns a smartphone now. But there comes many times, when you want an extra application where you can have different functions to control and manage your mobile device. Similarly there was some software named MoboRobo, which was well known mobile manager application in past years. Since 2012, millions of users across the globe have taken advantage of its powerful features, simple and friendly user interfaces and high quality in-app online resource.


Change of MoboRobo

MoboRobo is back with a newer version of their smartphone manager, and named it MoboMarket. As you can see from the name, It is a complete marketplace for mobile devices. In this software you can find a number of basic and advanced functions which you can help you in managing your smartphone device. If you are an android and iOS users, then you can use this app. If you are a blackberry or any other OS user, then you have to try out something other as MoboMarket is currently available only for android and iOS devices.

So if you are wondering what is difference between MoboRobo and MoboMarket then here is the first and big difference that is User Interface. The user interface and navigation system on MoboMarket is improved very much and now a first time user can roam around it without any assistance.


Procedure to use the App:

To get started with MoboMarket you have to download and install it on your computer system. After downloading, when you will install it on your system, you will notice that 2 new icons are appearing on your screen. 1st one will be MoboMarket for android and other will be MoboMarket for iOS. Now open the appropriate version of application and connect your device to PC using USB cable or Wi-Fi. Now this can be very helpful feature if you don’t have USB cable with you and still you want to connect it with computer. I will recommend you to use USB cable because the rate of data transfer will be high if you will use USB cable.


When you will connect your device with it, auto upgrade mechanism will start automatically and it will start upgrading your device drivers. Once done, it will display all information related to your mobile on your PC. You can now visit each and every tab of MoboMarket and control and manage your device by using its different functions.

Features of MoboMarket:

Here are some more features which you will be able to use when you will install MoboMarket on your PC:

Full Screen display & screenshot: Use your PC as the display of your device, and capture live image of your device, it makes the experience of using your phone or tablet even more enjoyable.

File manager: Manage your device content in a file structure. Easily move, create and delete files and folders.

Boost your device: Speed up your device, free up storage by cleaning unnecessary junk files and stock Apps.

Connect wirelessly: Connect MoboMarket (for PC) wirelessly to manage media, contacts and others.

Download free Apps: Download free Apps & Games to your device through PC network. Save your mobile data usage for other purpose.

So this was my take on MoboMarket, the smartphone manager app. There are many alternatives available of MoboMarket, but I don’t think there is any other app which is as good as MoboMarket.


New Features Introduced in the App:

A brand new iOS manage has been added into MoboMarket which allows you to manage games, apps, music, files and backups of iOS device all in one place. It also supports both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iOS devices, so don’t worry if you have a jail break device. Just make sure you are using an iOS device which runs on iOS 8.3 and up.

Not only iOS, but the developers have focused more on android users.  According to official news of MoboMarket, the app developers have strengthened device connection and file management experience of MoboMarket to provide better facilities to users. An optimized auto upgrade mechanism has been added into the software which upgrade on your mobile device drivers automatically when you connect it with MoboMarket. There was also some bug in the App found earlier which cause some error for lots of users, which had been successfully solved now with new green background of the App introducing new look of MoboMarket.

This software is free, so you can easily download it from the official site too. I will recommend you to download it from official site, because it will ensure that you are downloading the latest version of it else you can also download it from this MoboMarket direct download link.


Talking about the interface, then it is clean and easy to user and one can easily navigate through all functions without any assistance. Some bugs are fixed and new green color skin is added for android devices, which looks good to the eyes. If you have used it before or currently using it, then does share you view on it via comments below. I would like to hear from your about this app.



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