Fancy Pen Drives to Break Your Workspace Monotony


Do you work whole day infront of computer?

Well that’s boring sometimes.

Sometimes monotonus workspace can take down your productivity. So its better to have a well managed and good workspace.

When it comes to our computer table we have so many interesting things to work around like our Mobile, Mobile Cases, Pen Drives, Keyboard and Mouse.

Pen Drives take a crucial part here. Everyday we use Pen Drives to make our life more easy.

Most of us rely on the products of best companies like Transcend, SanDisk, Sony.

Yes its true that the best products give us more transfer speed and have more longevity. So its really good to rely on best product makers.

Pen Drives are best way to store data without any problem and its very easy to carry. They are easily removable and rewritable, and smaller than a DVD. Those 1GB and 2GB Pen Drives days are gone. Nowadays we like to use minimum of 8GB or 16GB Pen Drives to make our life really easier 🙂

With the help of Pen Drive we can also increase our computer’s RAM and that will surely boost up the system speed.

Apart from that you can also change the operating system using bootable USB Stick. This is really a handy thing when it comes about changing operating system.


Img Courtsey: Aliexpress

Apart from these there are some really fancy Pen Drives available which are really adorable.

So its better to get one of the adorable Pen Drives and use it in your workspace. It will make your workspace more interesting and thus you will be able to focus on your work.

So your workspace has direct link to your productivity. You can check how Facebook, Google employees work in their offices. So make your workspace clean and keep everything at right place and enjoy your work 🙂


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