How to Pin Chrome App Launcher in Taskbar


Nowadays most of us use Chrome Browser in Windows and Android Smartphones for its very good performance, packed features and obviously unique Extensions. Chrome is improving daily. I was a Firefox lover previously but after using Chrome I am amazed and its my default browser 🙂

Well enough! Now come to our main point.

Have you guys noticed the Apps Launcher in Chrome?

Well if you haven’t noticed let me tell you what is that.

Chrome Apps Launcher is nothing but a shortcut that includes all your important apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Keep. By clicking on the App Launcher you can access these apps very quickly which is very useful 🙂

You can also add your own Apps from Chrome Web Store.

In previous update I have seen Chrome use to add “Apps Launcher” shortcut in Taskbar of Windows. But in new updates I was unable to find that and I was having so much problem. Those who use this shortcut, might have faced same problem.

So today I am going to tell you a simple solution to add Chrome App Launcher in Windows Taskbar very easily.

How to Pin Chrome App Launcher in Taskbar

Easy Way Pin Chrome App Launcher in Taskbar

1. Open Chrome Browser and then open the Chrome App Launcher official site. Then click on the “Get the Launcher”.

2. It will automatically add a shortcut in your Windows Taskbar and by clicking that you can access all your important Web Apps very easily 🙂
chrome app launcher download

chrome apps
That’s all guys. So now you know how to pin chrome app launcher to windows taskbar. 😀

Hope this will help you guys 🙂

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  1. Greetings
    I am TIRED!!!! I’ve searched the web for a solution to this issue. MOST (if not all) answers point to that useless page (you link it with “Chrome App Launcher official site”) in your solution, many others do the same! Have you tried going yourself to that, again, USELESS page????? IT is nothing but a graphic that has no “Get the Launcher” button/option whatsoever anywhere on the page. It is USELESS!!!! I suggest try it yourself to see what I mean. And, if you find a page with such “get the Launcher” option/button, could you cut & paste te URL and email it to me?
    Yes I agree with you, Chrome is OUTSTANDING and being so, I wonder why they dont present us with a straightforwards answer to this issue?


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