Prodrone’s PD6-CI-L employs a new kind of tech to inspect Infrastructures


Japanese based drone manufacturer Prodrone are a firm who specialize in making drones based on unique customer demands and till date, the company has developed drones that carry payloads of up to 30 kgs, drones flying at more than 5,500m height and a whole lot more. The company’s most recent feather in its cap comes with the recently announced PD6-CI-L drone.


As unorthodox as its name is, the design or application of the drone is no different. Prodrone showcased the said drone at InterDrone, The International Drone Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas recently. It will be used mainly to inspect large infrastructures like bridges and vertical walls. The problem that mainstream drones face in these sort of applications is that they get unstable due to the high gush of winds at high altitudes.

The PD6-CI-L tackles this issue (against wind speed up to 5m/s) as it clings directly to the inspection surface by virtue of negative pressure generated. A regular hovering drone will have to spend a lot of energy to stay in the air, but incase of the surface clinging drone due to the negative pressure from the hard surface; the props don’t have to sweat out more air. And hence employ its dual 6,000mAh battery majorly for the intended work of inspecting the surface for cracks or stress with high-quality sensors and cameras.

The drone’s L-shaped frame features a total of 6 props, and 6 wheels (four facing top and two on the side) to help it move in any direction. It has a maximum flight time of 10 minutes which seems to be a bit low for its intended use, though. Prodrone will be initially releasing the PD6-CI-L for its clients in Japan, with no specific dates announced for global availability. While you can find so many Best drones under $300, this one seems to be much costlier than $300.


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