How to Record a Song using Audacity


Do you know the power of a Song?

It can change anyone’s mind at anytime.

So suppose you want to steal your Crush’s heart by gifting your own recorded song.

Or, maybe you want to surprise your friends with your Own Song.

Well then here you will learn how easily we can record our own song using computer.

In one of my previous article I have showed you how you can remove vocals from a song. If you have missed that article I strongly recommend you to read that first.


  • Audacity
  • You will need a working Headphone for your PC.
  • Karaoke Tone by which you will record your Song.

Well so we are ready to start now.

audacity download

Steps to Record Song with your Own Voice

1. First download Audacity.

2. Then install it and open it in your PC.

3. Now open  Audacity and click on File > Open. Select the desired Karaoke Tone file and let that load in Audacity. You can also directly drag a song into Audacity.

audacity program

If you don’t know How make any music to a karaoke tone
>>Check Here!<<

4. Now be ready with your Headphone to record your voice. Go to Transport > Record. Now sing according to music.

sound recorder

5. After recording hear the full song. If you find that your voice is very low then tap the Plus (+) button the left-side bar. It will increase your voice.

free music recording software

6. When you are happy with the song then click on FileExport. Select the folder where you want to save your song.

recording programs

7. Now a box will popup where you have to add song details like your name, album name. Fill up the form and click OK. That’s all.

audacity download free


Now you have successfully learnt how easily we can record a song using our own voice 🙂

So now record and enjoy your own songs and share with your friends.

I have recorded several songs with Audacity.

Check this Song recorded by me with Audacity. Sorry for my bad voice 😛

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If you are facing any problem during the process feel free to drop a comment in the comment section. I am always there to help you 🙂


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