How to Easily Root an Android Device


Rooting is a process which allow you to use Special Apps, Custom Roms. It also gives you access to Customize an Android Phone in your own way.

A lot of people heard about Rooting from their friends or internet. But most of them think that it’s a bit scary process. Yes its a tricky process. One wrong move can soft brick your device.

No problem I will guide you through the process and you will be able to Root your Android Phone easily.

Luckily a there’s a very useful tool which can Root an Android Device easily without any problem.  So lets start the process.

Steps to Root an Android Phone

Rooted Android 1. First download this Kingo Android Root software available for Windows Platform.

2. Install the software and open it.

3. Now you have to enable the USB Debugging in your Android device. For this Go to Settings and then Developer Options and then swith to Developer Mode by pressing On Button and tap USB Debugging in your Android. If you are using Android 4.2 or less this method will work for you. Rooting Android PhonesBut if you are using Android 4.2 (Not all versions of Android 4.2) or later you have to make the Developer Options visible. So for this Go to Settings and then About Phone and then press the Build Number for Seven Times and you will get the Developer Options. Now do switch to Developer Mode and enable USB Debugging. Rooting Android Phone 4. Now Connect your Android Phone with your Computer using USB Cable. Open Kingo Android Root App and it will install the drivers for your device. This may take a few minutes. After that your device name will popup inside the software.

Note: You must have an active Internet Connection to Download Drivers.

The software will check your Android Root status and will show you the result its rooted or not. If your device is not rooted then you will get an option to Root.Tap that button and the software will start its work.

Your mobile will reboot now and after all the setup the software will show the root status. If its rooted then you have successfully rooted your android. If the software fails to root your device then contact with them. In most cases this little utility is able to root Android Phones.

Rooting Android

5. Now you will found SuperSU app in your App Drawer. Open the app and Grant Access.

Bam!! You have successfully rooted your Android 😀

Points to be Noticed:

1. Rooting will void your manufacturer’s warranty. So first be sure about Rooting. By unrooting Android you can get back the warranty but unrooting can cause problems.

2. If you done anything wrong in the process it may soft brick your device so do it at your own risk.

So now you have successfully learnt how to easily root android.

Anyway I always like to use rooted Android to install Special apps.

Now tell me what will be your purpose of a rooted device?

If you are getting any prob in the process or need any advice then drop comments in the comment section.



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