Secure your Online Activities with NordVPN


Secure your Online Activities with NordVPN

Being an Internet user for more than ten years, I have realized that nothing is safe online. Whether you surf the Internet, make online payments, fill online forms or use social media sites, your every activity is traceable. Therefore, it’s high time that you start thinking to secure your online identity as well as online activities.

Every computer connected to the Internet has unique address on the World Wide Web that is called as IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). It is assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to identify the location of the computer.

It looks good. But, what if a hacker sees your IP address?

Hackers are online thieves, and your IP address is like the address of your home. If they know your address, they can track your all the activities. They may mislead you to access some of your personal information by getting you clicked on some links that may look authentic to you but in reality they are kind of conspiracy to trap you. This is the biggest reason for using VPN software that makes your actual IP safe by hiding it, and showing the different dynamic IPs. Therefore, even if someone wants to access to your IP address, they will only see the one that is assigned by the VPN software. And, your actual IP will be safe.

VPN services are the most powerful ways to secure your online identity and activities as they create an encrypted private network connection over the public network to safeguard your activities and Identity online.

There are many VPN service providers online that you can use. I have been using NordVPN ever since I came to know about the VPNs. They are quite good and have one of the fastest servers to use which don’t reduce the browsing speed much.

About NordVPN

NordVPN is a VPN service that works at TCP/IP level that not only makes your web browser secure but it secures all applications you use on your computer.

NordVPN review

The company is based in Panama and trusted by thousands of people online. It is also recommended by popular VPN blogs and websites such as,,,,,,,, etc.

Features of NordVPN

Double Encryption: It locks the data using military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption that is applied twice to give you double encryption. This double security is almost unbreakable.

Superfast Servers: When you use VPN, server affects your browsing experience to a greater extent. If you don’t get a server with fast response time, your browsing experience will be miserable. NordVPN offers the fastest servers that are specifically designed for different stuff. If you want to watch online videos, choose ultrafast NordVPN servers. If you need maximum security, use TOR over VPN servers or DoubleVPN. It also has Anti-DDoS servers that you can use for securing yourself from DDoS attacks.

100% Anonymity: NordVPN doesn’t log any activities its users do, and as there are no logs, there are no records they keep. That means you enjoy 100% anonymity.

Protocols: NordVPN supports various protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN TCP, and OpenVPN UDP.

Features mentioned above are the ones that I like at a normal user, but if you are techie enough then you can uncover so many features when you use it.

Below is the list of all features NordVPN offers:

NordVPN review

Plans and Pricing

NordVPN has three plans Simple for 1 Month, Standard for 6 Months, and Best Offer for 1 Year.

NordVPN review

1 Year plan is the best one because you can save big by choosing it. I am also working on this plan, as it is quite affordable for the high-quality service NordVPN offers.


I have been using NordVPN for a quite some time, and I am impressed with its high-quality services.  The most important things that you should get from a VPN service are the fast servers and 100% anonymity. And, NordVPN offers both at the low cost.

Sign up for NordVPN and stay secured.



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