recently launched POP Ads feature

0 is a link shortener tool from Europe. The advertisement network tool pays bloggers when a link is shortened by using it and the shortened up link gets some clicks. This link shortener is better than almost all other counterparts because it simply takes care of your links and does not require even a pixel of your webspace.  The tool is also associated with some tools which help to make money, which is the primary aim of blogging.

One of the hard facts of is that it does not pays as much as Google Adsense or Chitika. However there is a reason behind it, which is that, users won’t have to click the ad; a mere 5 seconds of viewing the ad is enough for enabling the payment way. news

Some people might get pissed off to go through so many links at once so it is a good idea not to use in your website but use it on your social media pages unless you are a professional.

Latest update and popup ads

Recently team have introduced popup ads so as soon as your shortened up link is clicked by a visitor he will be redirected to a new window with an advertisement. This is very tricky because due to this pop up ad you have a chance of making more money while at the same time you are risking visitors to stop clicking links posted or shared by you because we all know how much boring and irritating these pop up ads are. You can also install Adblock softwares to get rid of popup ads if you don’t like it.

How to use Pop ads?

It’s very easy. Find Pop Ads on the monetization list, turn it ON, click Generate Script and paste the code into your HTML.

  • There will be one pop ad displayed to a unique user in 24 hours.
  • Once you get your first views, you will see them on your statistics page.
  • Your will receive the revenue share for pop ads placed on your website. popup ads

Some tips to use technically and perfectly

Shorten up trending YouTube video links through and share them on your social profiles like in Facebook or in twitter or in Google Plus. Facebook has provided us the biggest sharing reach and today animated image, gif image, meme tends to get more likes and shares than anything else in this wonderful social platform so you can simply shorten the link of a trending meme or a trending gif image and share it in your wall. The more clicks or ad views you get, the more you earn hence this will surely raise your earnings. One thing which you can do, again in this social media platform is share trending news from different sites in the similar way. Likewise if you are running any blog, in order to give yourself maximum scope of earning from it you can shorten up links and share them.

Some specifications of

  • pays different rates to different countries; in average it pays from .3 to 1.66 dollars per 1000 views.
  • It offers high CPM rates.
  • If you refer your friend and he joins up through your reference link then you can earn 20% commission.
  • Offers wide range of user-friendly and monetizing tools.
  • You can just shorten up any and every link.


So if you are really interested to earn some extra bucks from go for it. Shorten link and show pop ads and increase your monthly revenue.


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