How to Create System Memory (RAM) using Pendrive


Ever thought that you can increase your computer speed by using a Pendrive?

Yes it’s true. Now you can use a pendrive to increase RAM.

MICROSOFT has injected ReadyBoost compatibility technology in windows 7 , windows 8 and also vista but the main thing is that how user utilize this technology as per their requirement.

At first you plug your USB drive on your computer and then navigate to select your pen drive like (removal disk G)

Right click on the pen drive and format it. After this you again select pen drive and right click on pen drive select ReadyBoost this time.

But what is ReadyBoost?

ReadyBoost is designed to help your computer’s system memory. Running at low memory make  your computer slow because windows needs a place to stash data turn on the hard drive Flash , memory offers a speedier alternative.

ReadyBoost works with most flash storage devices and in Windows 7 it can handle more flash memory and even multiple device – up to eight for a maximum 256 ( GB ) of additional memory

When your computer connected to ReadyBoost you can use flash drive’s memory as RAM. Afterall ram is what controls the system speed . For windows it has also made two big improvement  to the ReadyBoost.

Although the 32 bit versions of windows 7 can only recognize 3.5 GB of system memory (RAM)

You can add up to 256 GB of flash memory.

Steps to Create System Memory via Pendrive in Windows 7 or Vista

how to use pendrive as ram

3 Simple Methods to Create USB System Memory as a RAM


Plug in your USB pen drive into USB port.

After a moment or two, windows 7 bring up an auto play dialog box. The faster the flash drive, the faster memory boost.

windows readyboost windows 7

Step: 2

Right click on the flash drive select the properties and then select ReadyBoost and next choose USE THIS DEVICE.

using pendrive as ram


Select maximum size of space to reserve system speed then click on apply and ok. Now you can enjoy the high speed systems in window computer.

upgrade ram


  1. First connect your pen drive to computer. Note that that pen drive must be 1 GB or more.
  2. Now right click on my computer and then click on properties.
  3. Click on advance tab and then performance.
  4. Now click on advance and then click on virtual memory .
  5. Select your pen drive icon and click custom size .
  6. Now view the memory available in your pen drive and note it down then click on ok.
  7. Restart your computer and enjoy with your computer.

NOTE: Remember that when the pen drive is use in system memory then you cannot use it for storing data. (Until you format again)

Final Words!

I’ve shared with you easy methods on How to create system memory via pen drive in windows 7 or vista? What is your opinion about this? I know it is not a mind bursting trick but still it can be useful in several ways for leveraging your memory for a while if you need. Let me know your views or if you have any particular advice regarding this topic then does share your comments. Lastly if you have liked this then share this with your friends 🙂


  1. Hi Soumyakanti Ray,

    It is very interesting article at how to create system memory (RAM) using pendrive. You provided a step by step guide which makes it more interesting and easy to understand for user.

    Keep up your good work 🙂

    Jyoti Chauhan

  2. hey soumyakanti, It’s a great post. it’s really help me. i used my 8gb Pan drive as RAM.
    Keep it up bro!!!

    shivam gupta


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