Tata Sky+ Transfer : The Next Generation Tata Sky set top box



I have used Tata Sky HD + for years and I think it is more or less responsible for losing my dependence over the live television. On last Wednesday, direct broadcast satellite television provider Tata Sky launched its new product, Tata Sky + Transfer set top box (STB) that will support the Tata Sky mobile app. The new STB will come with a Wi-Fi dongle and will possess recording ability so that users can record contents without consuming data.

Current Tata Sky subscribers can update their old STB to the new model with 500 GB storage capacity at the cost of Rs. 7890 while it will take Rs. 9300 for a new user. The new Tata Sky STB is launched at time when almost 75% of Indian population aged between 19 to 35 years access Internet through some mobile device. With Tata Sky + Transfer, users will be able to check their favorite contents anywhere and anytime without using internet data. On the other hand, with this STB update Tata Sky is eyeing to expand from its current 14.5 million connections to the estimated market opportunity of 50 million connections.

Speaking of me, I used to spend hours watching reality shows in channels like Channel V and MTV or watching my favorite cartoons such as Sinchan or Tom & Jerry or Scooby doo. But as the years passed, I got busy with life and sometimes at late night or in the mid afternoon whenever I opened my favorite channels; I could only see some boring shows or teleshopping programs! With the evolution of technology I got more into Smartphone and laptop and almost wished television a good bye. And frankly speaking, with my busy life I had no time to miss and feel sorry for not watching those shows at all.

Yesterday, one of my office colleagues introduced me to Tata Sky + Transfer. I got astonished with the service. Now, I only wish that every people should avail this service. The new Tata Sky STB along with the Tata Sky mobile app is like a smart television. The range of its smart services include from recording soaps and shows to the connected mobile device to transferring files. I wondered how my friend downloaded a full movie of 1.5 GB within just a few minutes through this app. The best part is it does not use your mobile data to download and transfer soaps or movies as everything is done through the local Wi-Fi. The mobile app works like a remote and believe me, using icon based remote is much more user friendly than the traditional way. Unlike television, you won’t have to scan through hundreds of available channels to select from! And yes, you would not have to hold the button till the show ends to record it as the app supports one tap record!

So all you have to do is hire the service of Tata Sky and download the Tata Sky app in your device. You will be able to beam live TV anywhere and everywhere.

Yesterday, I got emotional to watch Tom & Jerry cartoon in my colleague’s Smartphone and I promised myself that I will also avail the Tata Sky service after I get this month’s salary. And by this I am also suggesting all the readers to avail the Tata Sky + Transfer service and enjoy favorite TV shows.


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