Top Indian Tech Bloggers of 2016


Looking for Top Technology Bloggers of India 2016?

In last two years so many of Indian people are coming to Blogging and most of them choosing Technology as their first experience. But this is not a cup of tea for everyone. It takes so much hard work to be settled as a Blogger specially in Technology niche due to high competition. But some of them are very successful and some of them are ruling the market for more than 10 years now. So today we will be looking to those Bloggers who are already settled and also those who are struggling to be successful. We will rank those Bloggers according to Alexa rank upto 2 lakhs. Obviously we will miss so many, but we will try our best. Last time we had listed Top Indian Women Bloggers.

Top Tech Bloggers of India 2016

top tech bloggers

Owner ImageOwner NameBlog NameAlexa RankDA
Amit AgarwalAmit Agarwalwww.labnol.org5,25879/100
varun krisnanVarun Krishnanwww.fonearena.com6,58262/100
Abhijeet MukherjeeAbhijeet Mukherjeewww.guidingtech.com11,93050/100
Srinivas TamadaSrinivas Tamadawww.9lessons.info15,62547/100
Imran UddinImran Uddinwww.alltechbuzz.net17,02856/100
Aseem KishoreAseem,05152/100
Arun PrabhudesaiArun Prabhudesaiwww.trak.in18,16054/100
Amit BhawaniAmit Bhawaniwww.phoneradar.com19,88838/100
Tony JohnTony Johnwww.techulator.com21,17732/100
Raju PPRaju PPwww.techpp.com22,74955/100
Jyoti ChauhanJyoti Chauhanwww.updateland.com25,32330/100
Abhishek BhatnagarAbhishek Bhatnagarwww.gadgetstouse.com34,81436/100
Chetan BhawaniChetan Bhawaniwww.gizmotimes.com35,59721/100
Atish RanjanAtish Ranjanwww.techtricksworld.com35,93739/100
Navdeep YadavNavdeep Yadavwww.mobipicker.com37,53745/100
Sachin BhattSachin Bhattwww.tekz24.com53,45324/100
Shakti NaveenShakti Naveenwww.androidjunglee.com60,34712/100
Nirmala SanthakumarNirmala Santhakumarwww.mymagicfundas.com102,78132/100
Harsh AgrawalHarsh Agrawalwww.shoutmetech.com111,48130/100
Aditya Nath JhaAditya Nath Jhawww.inspire2rise.com112,98729/100
Pulkit JunejaPulkit Junejawww.versedtech.org137,56928/100
Soumyakanti RaySoumyakanti Raywww.rayarena.com161,64412/100
Bibek SahaBibek Sahawww.thetecholic.com171,22929/100
Sai KrishnaSai Krishnawww.gadget-nations.net167,02123/100
vishal fulwaniVishal Fulwaniwww.computertrickstips.com169,26920/100

These blogs are probably the best Technology websites you can follow in 2016. All of these top Tech bloggers are strictly working on Tech Niche. If we have missed any blogger let us know through the comment section. We will add them in our list in the next update.


  1. Hey Soumyakanti,

    Thank you for including me in this prestigious list. Being a relatively newbie (1.5 years+) blogger, I’m very happy to be featured in this esteemed list. Hopefully, I will do a better job with the Alexa ranking and DA when the article gets updated again.

    Wish you all the best for your future endeavours, mate.

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