Toshiba Vs Acer Laptops below INR 25,000


Toshiba and Acer are two of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world. As they cater to the

same market, there are many similarities in their laptop designings. Both companies focus on

mainstream consumer market. If you walk into a store for buying a laptop then you are likely to

end up comparing Toshiba and Acer models. Both the laptop manufacturing company tends to

re-use one laptop chassis in different models so you may find an INR 25000 priced laptop and

an INR 19000 priced laptop have same appearance but different hardware systems. If you are looking for best laptops under 35000 then you must check this link.


Toshiba Vs Acer Laptops


Toshiba build laptop quality is often a better than Acer’s laptop model despite these

similarities. Though the Toshiba laptop keyboards are not the best in the business, they are

certainly better than the Acer laptop model’s chiclet keyboards.


Both Acer and Toshiba build numerous Intel laptops based on Atom to Intel Core i7. Hardware

specifications of Toshiba and Acer laptops are almost similar. The one and only major difference

is Acer’s use of some AMD processors in their mid range laptops. Toshiba uses AMD processors

in ultra portables and in budget oriented laptops generally whose price ranges up to INR 25000.


Neither company has an advantage over the other when it comes to value, given the hardware

similarities. The only possible edge might go to Toshiba because it offers gaming laptops where

as Acer does not sell any laptops specially designed for gaming.


Toshiba models are just slightly better and reliable than Acer models in a given price of laptop.

However, Toshiba and Acer are just two of the most reliable and popular laptop brands present

in the market whose products are comparable as well as competitive. It totally depends upon

the buyer’s preference and choice when one is to be chosen. Buyers must consider laptops

based on their hardware capabilities and designs and most importantly the price.



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