How to transfer files between Android device and PC wirelessly


USB cable or Bluetooth is the most commonly used medium when it comes to transferring files from an android device to a computer or any other mobile devices.

There is no doubt that these traditional ways are absolutely fine but however there is an even better way to transfer files from one device to other as the main problem with Bluetooth is that it takes too much time and the main problem regarding USB cable is that it requires a wire.

You can transfer files from your PC and to your Android device without using cables and at a faster rate than Bluetooth with the WiFi connectivity option.


How to Wirelessly transfer files between Android device and PC

The best part is that you don’t have to buy any digital accessory for using WiFi, all you have to do is download an app named “Airdroid”. You can download “Airdroid” from Google Play Store totally free.

One of the top rated android file transfer apps in today’s app market is Airdroid which lets you manage and control your Android devices from a desk web browser. This fine app can be used both to receive and send files wirelessly between a PC and an Android device.


The app links all your contacts and messages which means that you can send SMS or get contact information without reaching for your phone through this app. Apart from this you will be allowed to view media files on your device like music, photo and video. You can even play top android games like Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers in PC using this app.

All of these will stream over WiFi for you to view or edit it in your desktop. You can wirelessly transfer files between your personal computer and Android device in an optimized speed through the following way.


Initially your android device and personal computer should be connected to the same WiFi network for this file exchange. At first download and install the Airdroid app on your android device and launch the app once installation is done.

For the first time users it will show a tour which you can simply skip. You will see a web URL and an IP address on the app which you should note down as you will need the IP address to connect your android device with your computer’s web browser.

Put the URL that you have noted down earlier on the app after opening up your desktop web browser. This link will take you to AirDroid’s web desktop portal.

Now, in your android device tap “Scan QR code” on the app and this will open the camera app. Point the camera to the QR Code appearing on the web desktop panel.

You will need “QR code Scanner” in your android device for this method to work so if your android device does not have a QR code scanner yet then you can create an account using your Gmail id or sign in through your Facebook or Twitter account to proceed with the file transferring. By this, you will be able to successfully connect your Android device to your computer and you can start file transferring between your desktop and android device.


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