How to use Two WhatsApp Accounts in one Smartphone


WhatsApp became the very popular social media platform because of their features like interactive personal messaging, Voice Calling, Voice messaging, Eye licking Emoticons. People want more and more from WhatsApp and obviously they want to use more than one account in their smartphone sometimes. Nowadays most of the smartphones are Dual SIM and obviously most of the people will be looking forward to use two SIMs for WhatsApp.

So today I will be showing you the process to use two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone. It is easy and simple and it hardly take 10 minutes with the steps.

Steps to Use Two WhatsApp Numbers in One Smartphone

DUAL Whatsapp in Android Smartphone

Step 1: Download and install GBWhatsApp (Dual Whatsapp Mode). You can also Google it for the latest version of this software as this software is not available in Google Play.

Step 2: Don’t uninstall the previous WhatsApp. It is not necessary to uninstall it.

Step 3: Just install the new GBWhatsApp you downloaded from the link. Before installing be sure you have ticked the “Unknown Sources” in Settings. After that just accept the terms and conditions and install it.

Two WhatsApp accounts

Step 4: Once it is installed, open it and enter your secondary mobile number just like your previous WhatsApp setup you had done. Don’t enter the mobile number which is already registered with the main WhatsApp.

Step 5: Enter your valid secondary number and you will receive a verification number which you have to enter.

Step 6: Enter the verification code which you receive via SMS and you are good to go.

Step 7: After the verification it will ask you to complete your profile information. Profile information contains your profile name, profile picture and the display pic. Just filling all the information, just tap “Next”.

Step 8: Your Secondary Account is configured same as your regular WhatsApp account.

Step 9: Tap on continue and then you can add your contacts and enjoy all the WhatsApp features.

Step 10: You can see the two WhatsApp accounts inside the menu of your Smartphone.

Step 11: That’s it. Enjoy your Dual WhatsApp account.

So now you know how to use two WhatsApp accounts in a single smartphone. Do share this with others so that they can use this too.

GBWhatsApp is free use and it has all features of WhatsApp even Calls so it’s a great software to use. If you had any problem related to this article, just feel free to comment. We will surely help you.



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