Web Version of Facebook Messenger is Now Available


After the release of Whatsapp for Web, Facebook is now ready with it’s desktop web client of the very popular App Facebook Messenger. The UI of the web client is same like the mobile app. It has most of the mobile Messenger features we use. But at this time we can’t send any audio messages, image directly from webcam and can’t record any audio.


Users can also choose desktop notifications option to get the notified when they will receive any message. A small popup will come right on the computer screen.

So you can access the desktop client by going to messenger.com.


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So what is the difference between the usual Facebook and Desktop App?

Well Facebook said those users who want to chat with their friends without any social content and notifications they will be using this app. So from now there is an option to skip busy Facebook timeline which seems to time consuming for some people 🙂

Just open the above link and sign in with your current Facebook id to get access of it. That’s all.


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