Whatsapp Web now allows to change your Profile Picture and Status


Few months back WhatsApp has launched their web service called WhatsApp Web but the service was limited to manage chats, drag and drop media. There were no feature to change your profile picture or manage your groups.

Now it’s over.

The new update of WhatsApp Web allows you to change your profile picture and manage your groups.

Previously you were able to manage chats only but for other settings you had to access your smartphone. But in this new update you don’t need to depend upon your smartphones because from now you can change your profile picture from WhatsApp desktop version. Just Drag and Drop media from your computer or use your webcam to take picture and upload it.


You can now change or update your status too. The best thing is that you can now manage your groups like change the group info, manage its profile picture. You can also mute or delete individual chats from your chat’s timeline. By using groups info, you can change the group’s participations and the subjects. WhatsApp Web now allows you to control it by various keyboard shortcuts, but this is not stable yet, hope in future they will fix the problems.

How to Change WhatsApp Web Profile Picture and Status

1. Firstly check the steps to configure WhatsApp Web in your PC.

2. Open WhatsApp Web and click on the Profile Picture icon and then you will be able to see the picture and Status which is editable.

whatsapp-web-profile picture

WhatsApp Group New Options Available

New options like Group Info, Mute and Archive Chat are available in WhatsApp Web. Its much easier to manage WhatsApp groups from desktop.

whatsapp group new features

whatsapp web group

Those people who hate WhatsApp Web for it’s limited features will be happy now. We can now enjoy this WhatsApp Web fully on PC and don’t need to depend upon smartphones all the time.

By the way we still need to have a working internet connection to be connected with PC. Still it’s a very good feature for WhatsApp users who like to change their profile pictures rapidly. Hope that in near future they will add more option so we can get a fully desktop experience.


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