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Atlast the much awaited operating system Windows 10 has launched yesterday. The Windows 10 started rolling out in majority from yesterday. Anyway lets see what is new in Windows 10 that differentiate it from its predecessors.

Windows 10 Top New Features:

Return of Start Menu

As we already know that in the new Windows 10 the Start Menu Button is returning which was not present in Windows 8. We have already seen this feature in Windows 10 Technical Preview too.


One of the best new feature for Windows 10 is Cortana. Cortana app will be found just beside the Start Menu Button. You can turn it on by saying “Hey Cortana”. Using Cortana you will be able to send emails, messages, search any file in your PC.

Universal Apps

Another interesting feature for Windows 10 is its’s universal apps means the Apps for Windows platform will support both in PC and Smartphones and even Tablets. Even it will sync the App data through Onedrive.

Xbox app and Streaming

The Gamers will now happy with because Windows 10 is now coming with a Xbox App. It has the ability to control the Xbox One of any Windows games. The gamers will be able to play cross-platform within Xbox and PC.

Edge browser

Microsoft removed the previous Internet Explorer brower in this new OS for they replaced it with new Edge browser. Cortana is also integrated in this browser. So it will be easy to search anything in web.

Well this was all about Windows 10 cool new features but we have something special for you guys who still haven’t upgraded to Windows 10. Well we have the full bunch of Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers in 4k. If you are still waiting to upgrade your Windows 10 PC then try these wallpapers. It will give a Windows 10 feel in your PC. iOS users want to use these wallpapers are very welcome. The main stock Wallpaper of Windows is pretty unique and cool. Well lets checkout all the stock wallpapers of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers Full HD

Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers

Download all Windows 10 Wallpapers in 4k DOWNLOAD

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  1. where is the exquisite Windows 10 background picture of the runner on the beach taken from? It looks like southern california near Pismo Beach


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