Xiaomi Mi Band 2 leaks with a touchscreen display


Mi Band was a very successful product by Xiaomi and according to them they have sold more than 6 million of the bands. Previous Mi Band comes with a Metal core and this time Xiaomi leaks the image with a touchscreen display almost like the Yu Fit. Maybe this was the right time to update another version of Mi Band. Xiaomi has been very successful with their so many new products like LED USB Light, USB Fan, Powerbanks.

mi band

Mi Band is a complete fitness tracker which helps people to measure their daily workouts, sleep time and also some special features like call notifier, alarm. It is priced Rs. 999 in India. The new Mi Band rumored to come up with a NFC chip to connect both devices very easily. The price will raise of course but how much that’s the concern.

Previous Mi Band was launched in July 2014 so this year Xiaomi maybe looking forward to launch their Mi Band 2 very soon.


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