How to Enjoy Nonstop Youtube Music Using Chrome Extension


Most of us like to listen to songs while working. It can increase our productivity.

Well there are so many people now who are working infront of computer whole day like Bloggers, Developers and Marketers. So music is must for all to pass the boring times of your workspace.

There are several music services like Spotify, Pandora but they are not available in some major countries too. So those people can’t enjoy nonstop music.

But today I am going to tell about a Chrome Extension which will be your best Music service ever. 🙂

Last year Youtube launched its paid Music service where you can enjoy the service for $7.99/month.

But after that some developers worked on a Chrome Extension for 3 years and used Youtube music service to make a legitimate music service.

Well enough of talking. Lets see the tool and how it works.


Way to Listen Free Youtube Music Using Chrome Extension

Step 1: Go to Streamus official website and download the Streamus Chrome Extension.

Step 2: After installing it will popup on the top of the Chrome bar beside url section. Click on the icon and you are ready to enjoy music.

Streamus Chrome Extension

Key Features:

  1. You can run background music which is just awesome.
  2. This extension is developed on Google Material design so obviously have better user interface.
  3. It offers Radio service which will smartly pick up right songs for you.
  4. You can easily share songs with your friends.
  5. No need to open any extra tab to enjoy music like we do in Soundcloud.

Streamus Chrome Extension using Youtube Music

It has almost all the options which a smart audio player use to have. I am using it for almost 10 days now and I am pretty happy with it. I will recommend to all of you to use it. You don’t need to give any monthly charge for it. Its fully free.

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So now you can listen youtube music for free while sitting infront of PC. What are you waiting for!

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  1. Well. First of all, I would like to thank you to share this idea with us. I am having some problems or i am facing boring times while my activity in front of my computer. I just tried to listen songs from my computer, But there are not much song in my computer to hear.

    So, This is the good idea to hear music from the biggest place like YouTube. So, I think So, people will get help by this post. Thanks for sharing this post with us.


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